Oil and Gas Training Courses

Oil ang Gas Hazard awareness

oil Spill Cleanup

Offshore Oil and Gas Safety


Oil and Gas Safety Management

Emergency Action Plans

Fire Prevention Plans

Well site Preparation and Drilling Safety

ME Engines Course

The following Topics were covered during this course: Introduction to ME Engine , Hydraulic Power Supply, Engine Control System (ECS), Preparing, Starting and Operation of ME Engine, Hydraulic Cylinder Unit (HCU), Fuel Oil System, Exhaust Valve, Cylinder Lubrication, Tacho System, Alarms, Maintenance / Trouble Shooting, PMI & CoCos-EDC Applications.

Dynamic Positioning Basic Training Course

This standard level CPT KYPROS MTC course comprises an Introduction and 13 interactive learning modules, featuring text with English language voice over (optional), still photographs, video clips and animation.

The modules cover the following topic areas:

Introduction to DP

DP systems

Thrusters and propellers

Power systems

UTM projection

DP Sensors Position reference systems

Using PRS data

PRS handling

DP modes

DP operating procedures

DP capabilities

DP operations

Risk considerations

By the end of the course, candidates should have a basic knowledge of: DP system architecture Basic Principles of DP DP Modes of Operation Operational Procedures Risk Considerations On completion of the course candidates should have a sufficient understanding of the principles and practice of dynamic positioning and be able to make informed judgements about DP issues and situations they may encounter in their day to day work.