GMDSS 4-24 May 2021

Objective A trainee successfully completing this Course and passing the prescribed examination should be able to operate efficiently the GMDSS equipment required to be fitted in the sea areas A1,A2,A3 & A4 and to have primary responsibility for radio communications during distress, urgency, safety and routine incidents. Given the severe problems being experienced in the GMDSS as a result of the large number of false distress alerts that occur, training will also be provided in techniques to avoid the unintentional transmission of false distress alerts and the procedures to use in order to mitigate the effects of false distress alerts following unintentional transmission.

Ratings Forming part of a watch in a Manned Engine-Room or Designated to Perform Duties in a Periodically unmanned Engine-Room. 10-26 MAY 2021

This Syllabus covers the requirements of Chapter III of the STCW Convention and section A-III/4 of the STCW Code. This Functional element provides the detailed knowledge to Support the training outcomes related to Marine Engineering at the Support Level. This Section provides the background knowledge and practical work to: Contribute to a safe engineering watch Communicate with the officer of the watch, and Use internal communication Systems